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A Motivation Technique in Higher Education: Cooperative Learning Inan American Studies Class at the University of Mauritius

This paper discusses one motivation technique used in higher education in the execution of one American Studies class at the University of Mauritius taught over different semesters. Cooperative Learning (CL) is growing into a popular tool in teaching students how to learn. With CL, students learn about transferable skills that help make the bridge between student life and starting a career. Since this method encourages students to be independent, they have a sense of control over their identity in the class as well and the responsibility to teach. The first part of the paper is based on defining and explaining the techniques of CL. The second part recounts the experiences as tutor in using CL to facilitate communication and motivate students in taking charge of their learning experience in a bilingual manner. Keywords- Learning, Motivation, Teaching, Interdependence, Cooperative, Retention