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Quality Evaluation of Raw Milk from Milk Collection Centers for Factory Production in Northeastern, Thailand

The main objective of this research was to present some aspects regarding the quality and safety of milk and its importance for milk processors. The quality management system that applied by the milk industry in Khon Kaen Province was evaluated using quality parameter (fat content, protein content, freezing point and specific gravity) and safety parameter (somatic cell count; SCC and antibiotic) . The raw milk that used in this research was collected daily at the milk collection center during March 2018. All data was analysis using multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and analysis of variance to determine the significant difference of the milk quality and safety from small to large farms collected by six different milk collection centers in northeastern, Thailand. The significant level resulted for Pillai's Trace, Wilks' Lambda, Hotelling's Trace, and Roy's Largest Root using multivariate analysis showed that there was a significant difference of raw milk samples in terms of milk quality for the selected parameters. The significant result using analysis of variance showed that there was a significant different for the selected parameters. In terms of safety aspect; SCC and anti-biotic residue test, all collected raw milk showed non-detected result for antibiotic residue test, but for SCC test, Shitat milk collection center had the highest mean (457,006 cfu/ml) which in the opposite with Nowongso milk collection center ( 327,463 cfu/ml). Quality management system referred to Thai Agriculture standard 6003-2010 such as quality control check obligated in the factory to ensure the quality and safety of the milk products. In terms of quality parameter, all sample showed that Keywords - Quality Management System, Milk Collection Center, Khon Kaen Province