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The Marketing Strategies for Gen-Y Tourists that Effect to Decision to Visit Walking Street in Phuket Province

This research was prepared. To study the differences of each market, whether it is convenient for traveling the convenience of a place for sitting and dining and satisfaction in the overall environment. The study found that the majority of foreign tourists were male, 56.67 percent, female, 43.33 percent is in the age range of 41 years and over 46.67 percent, followed by age range 31-40 years 26.67 percent, Chinese nationality 66.67 percent, followed by Canada and France 13.33 percent and Australia 6.67 percent. From the satisfaction survey of walking street in Phuket, it was found that foreign tourists are satisfied with the maintenance of local cultural identity. The highest level, 33.33 percent. Facilities, Foreign tourists had 63.33% and 40% of the satisfaction of the parking and seating areas, respectively. And on the accessibility of foreign tourists, 56.67% were satisfied with the convenience of traveling at a moderate level, 60% of the diversity of travel channels. About 40% of middle class travel safety and 56.67% on medium level clear signage. Therefore, there should be a variety of developments in travel. Travel safety and more signposts. Keyword - Walking Street, Tourist, Satisfaction, Phuket.