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A Review on Design and Development of Environmental Information Systems within Environment Management System Framework of ISO 14001 Standard in Business Organizations

Businesses have shown reluctance to adopt ISO 14001 international environmental management standards and especially small to medium size businesses. This is mainly due to its high implementation costs and lack of information showing very clearly financial benefits and environmental impact to justify the implementation costs. This paper is a systematic review of research on design and development of environmental information systems within the context of implementing ISO 14001 standards in business organizations and particularly manufacturing companies. Some of the important findings in this review work includes very limited number of published research work in design and development of environment information systems within the ISO14001 environment management system framework, also design science research methodology framework has been widely adopted in research on environment information systems. Another key finding is that the current environment information system designs and artifact are not adequate in addressing the information storage and processing needs in addressing environmental sustainability problems especially in manufacturing companies One key contribution of this review article is a framework that uses big data and deep neural network algorithms in designing and developing environmental information systems within the context of implementing the ISO 14001 standards in manufacturing companies. Keywords - Environmental Information System, Environmental Management System, ISO 14001 Standard, Big Data; Business Organization, Design Science Research