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Identification of Self Out of Suppressed Genderhood

A great deal of determination and bravery could be traced through few decades as women took to their effort in breaking bounds and reaching the horizons towards life’s fulfilment. Gender differentiation has been a matter of socially accepted tradition since ages. It has been a natural order in the study of human culture adopted by the ancients to down its generations next. It was men who played the supreme role and women were expected to remain subservient throughout life under the longstanding gender- discriminated beliefs. Although there had been resistance in making their own stand, women emerged to be powerful and great accomplishers in almost all areas of living. The old image of a woman dependant on man for her bare sustenance portrayed by writers, movie directors and soap operas has now been changed to a symbol of piety in the eyes of the same patriarchal society. It is time now to look at women as revolutionaries, leaders, managers, directors, home makers, sculptors designers and real artist who has the ability to design her own destiny. This paper aims to present the radical transformation of women from a mere house wife, a culinary expert to that of making her own identity out of the chains of conventional living with reference to Brick Lane and In the Kitchen by Monica Ali. Keywords - Revolutionary Zeal, Self-reliant, Patriarchy, Suppression, Destiny.