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The Importance of OBE Approach: A Study Among Lecturers in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kota Bharu Polytechnic

Outcome based education is a method of teaching and curriculum design that focuses on learning outcomes. Through this method, students need to plan, implement and demonstrate learning outcomes at the end of learning. The implementation of OBE in all polytechnics in Malaysia was started in 2010. The observation among lecturers should be performed to ensure that the implementation process of this OBE system is in accordance with the achievement of Lesson Learning Outcome (LLO), Course Learning Outcome (CLO), Learning Outcome Program (PLO) and Education Objective Program (PEO) that have been regulated. A study was conducted to identify the importance of the implementation of OBE method in the learning and teaching process through the level of understanding among lecturers. A quantitative study was conducted on 85 lecturers at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kota Bharu Polytechnic, Kelantan. The instrument used is the Learning and Teaching Monitoring Instrument which has five main domains. These five domains are Domain 1; Learning and Teaching Planning, Domain 2; Instructional, Domain 3; Lecturer Competency and Professionalism, Domain 4; Lecture Room Management and Domain 5; Teaching and Learning Science, Mathematics and Technical in English (PPSMTI). Quantitative data obtained through questionnaires were analyzed using SPSS software. The findings of the study showed that the PPSMTI domain showed the lowest score (Mean Percentage = 76.80) and was followed by the score for Instructional domain (Mean Percentage = 79.75), Lecturer Competency and Professionalism domain (Mean Percent = 82.77), Class Management (Theory/Practical) (Mean Percentage = 82.81) and finally Learning and Teaching Planning that showed the highest score (Mean Percentage = 83.21). The findings obtained were used in the planning process for continuous improvement (CQI) through corrections implemented in relevant aspects. Some suggestions such as English courses, mock teaching and training for lecturers are expected to improve the quality of lecturers' teaching as well as affect the learning of students. Keywords - OBE, Approach,Lesson Learning Outcome (LLO), Course Learning Outcome (CLO), Learning Outcome Program (PLO) and Education Objective Program (PEO)