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Is Technologic Permaculture an Appropriate Response to Climate Change in Arid Developing Countries?

Climate change is affecting human beings' life through many aspects, and the arid developing countries are the most vulnerable regions in this regard. The massive commercialised agriculture practises in these regions is considered as one of the significant causes of climate change. Besides, food security is a crucial human need; therefore, agriculture remains as an inevitable part of the rural development plans and policies of these regions. Although it is a necessity to stop the environmental destructions driven by unsustainable agriculture in arid developing countries, it is not applicable to eliminate the entire agricultural industries in these regions. Instead, the food security must be managed through sustainable agriculture practises and imports. This article studies the capabilities of technological permaculture as a potential part of the intended sustainable agricultural practises. The utilised research method is content analysis. This research suggests that technologic permaculture is crucially capable to play a constructive role towards the sustainable agriculture plans and food security policies in arid developing countries; thus, it would be beneficial that further inclusive researches investigate this hypothesis. Keywords - Agricultural Technology, Climate Change, Drought, Food Security, Information Technology, Permaculture