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Project-Based Learning in College Chemistry

The Traditional approach to learning has been a problem that next to be addressed in light of the failure of the educational system in the country. Administrators suggest that modern approaches to learning and teaching should be used to conduct classes. To answer this need, this study utilizes Project-Based Learning as a methodological approach to learning. It determined the performance of the students on several measures and tested for the significant difference between the scores of the two groups. The respondents of this study were BS in Civil engineering students from Saint Louis College, San Fernando City. Two groups were randomly chosen, assigned as experimental group (N=30) and control group (N=30), and were matched according to their IQ. Pre-test, posttest, chapter test, rubric-assessed outputs, and expert opinion were used to assess the respondents´┐Ż performance. Frequency count, percentage, mean and t-test were employed to treat the data. The findings of the study showed significant improvement on the performance of the two groups in their posttest, chapter test, and in the outputs. The experimental group, however, performed better than the control group in the different performance measure. This implies that Project-Based Learning is an effective approach in the teaching and learning of Chemistry. Index Terms- Approach to teaching and learning, Chemistry Project-based learning, rubric-assessed outputs