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The Role of Public Opinion and its Influence in Shaping the Mentality

The article considers the issue about the problem of devaluation of the national culture in the traditional societies. The author notes that the influence of the modern globalization has several kinds, beginning from clash of cultures, fighting to modernization and development of cultures. The author emphasizes that the process of globalization is equivalent to the process of westernization as today globalization is being realized around western values. In her opinion the western culture is considered to be the dominating culture. So, she thinks that the national culture is being lost or devaluated under the influence of the dominating culture which can destruct traditions and spiritual values of eastern countries, including Tajikistan. That is why on this basis the problem of protecting national identity which is closely connected with the national mentality is being activated in many societies. Keywords - Public Opinion, Traditional Society, National Culture, Collectivistic Relationship, Non-Private Actions