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Remotely Operated Robot for Ploughing, Sowing Seeds, Watering and Fertilizing

In the current circumstances, a large portion of the world doesn’t have adequate gifted labor explicitly in agrarian part and it impacts the improvement of developing countries. Agribusiness is the establishment and spine of Bangladesh's economy. A large portion of the all-out populace of our nation has picked Agri-organizations as their central occupation. So, it is high time a massive change was brought in this sector. The main reason behind robotics on farming processes are saving the time and energy required for performing monotonous cultivating errands and expanding the efficiency of yield by treating each harvest independently utilizing exactness cultivating idea. To deduce the depedence on bio fuel for agricultural machinaries and move the machinary power source to electricity, alternative to machinaries and techniques are required. To improve the lifestyle of the farmers, increase production, and reduce the needed human labour- robots can be the best alternative. The main focus of our project is to design a prototype to control a remotely operated robot which can do the process like ploughing, softening, cultivating, and fertilizing the soil. Planning of such robots is modeled on specific methodology and certain contemplation of horticulture condition in which it will function. These contemplation and various methodologies are discussed in this study. Additionally, model of an Agriculture Robot is exhibited which is explicitly intended for cultivating. It is a wheeled vehicle which is controlled by RC Controller. Its functionality is based on the precision agriculture which empowers proficiency in the field area for a wide range of cultivation. Keywords - Agriculture, Remotely Operated Robot, Ploughing, Softening, Cultivating, Fertilizing.