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What are the Main Features for Educational Software, According to ANGOLA Universities Students?

Technology growth is a reality in many areas. In Education, technology has changed the way students acquire knowledge and the way teachers convey information, through e-learning and other platforms. However, many users access these platforms for sharing academic resources. When it comes to apps developed for teaching purposes, also known as educational software, and their implementation, students’ opinions about the software are often not considered. Thus, many educational softwaresdo not succeed, and, students and teachers resort to other softwares and some do not use them at all. In this paper, we conducted a questionnaire in Angola to understand the key features that Angolan university students expect from an educational software. Leximancer was used as a qualitative technique tool. The findings highlighted five major themes and the connections, between them, namely: Plan, Share, Apps, Technologies, and Students. This study contributes to understanding Angola universities students about educational software, allowing us to present a new concept map to explain the key concepts useful for an educational platform. Keywords - Educational Software, Technology, Students, Angola, E-learning.