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Mental Health: Lack of Education and Supervision of The Surrounding Community Regarding Symptoms of Mental Disorders that Lead to Waning Human Rights

Mental disorders are some serious problem and are a common phenomenon, meanwhile in Indonesia especially the government didn’t take this as a big issue. This has been proven how the societies didn’t perceive much about mental health in general, thereby when they were faced in some circumstances they can only ignore and consider it as a mystical appearance instead taking the sufferer to the nearest hospital or psychology to receive professional acts. Besides that, the family who did not consider this issue as a serious illness then practiced “pasung” against the sufferer, so that they wouldn’t interfere the community which are still enclosed by negative stigma over the mental disorders. These circumstances are often found in some remote areas of Indonesia, but mostly in rural areas. This also relates to several aspects that cause it, one of them is the lack of supports from the government because its access that quite difficult to reach, which involves many things starting from the dissemination of information through counseling, hospital facilities or health centers that didn’t comply with mental health. Pasung practices that are increasingly dismissed by the community have the potential of causing sufferers to encounter further mental stress until they end up commiting suicide. Even after being released from pasung, sufferers are still affected especially by psychological impact that is given after all this time being ignored in shackles. Keywords - Education, Family Supports, Mental Health, Shackle