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Utilizing Simulation Video Games For ESL Vocabulary Enrichment in English as a Foreign Language Classes

Nowadays, technology development is so intense that it builds the wall of discrepancies among the generations and it represents the main reason why teachers should keep up with it in order to make study process flawless and efficient. As the world is taken over by technology, game based learning turns into one of the most efficient methods educational institutions can have, as learning and teaching languages by playing never gets old. The given article introduces two choice driven video games, namely Trial Boom and Psychiatrist Simulator to enrich vocabulary of English for specific purposes (law and psychology) as well as giving students the opportunity to study and test their skills playing simulation, placing themselves in shoes of professionals. The researchers utilize aforementioned games as foreign language vocabulary enhancers within a group of 60 university students. Small scale research findings are presented in the given article to emphasize the benefits of utilizing video games in terms of enriching ESL vocabulary in English as a foreign language classes and teaching as well as testing students abilities, letting them make decisions achieving different results. Keywords - Technology, Video Games, Gamification, Virtual Reality, Simulation