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Enhancing the Service Quality of DepEd SDO Cabuyao City: Innovations through Robotics

This study determined the service quality of SDO Cabuyao City as a newly established division office in the implementation of Science Curriculum in integrating innovations through Robotics. The parameters used to measure service quality were derived from the adapted QR Coded NEAP- QAME Analysis Form 2 that will be used as the basis in giving field technical assistance (FTA) in the implementation of Science Curriculum. Specifically, trainings, workshops, seminars and division initiated programs, projects and activities (PPA`s) in Science were measured in terms of its service quality, and innovations were integrated in the enhancement of K to 12 Science Curriculum in terms of quality. Keywords - Service Quality; Total Quality Management,; Social Education Fund (SEF); Robotics; FTA, PPA`s, Benchmarking; Science Innovations; Academic Performance