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Rythm of Language and Culture

We are in a world which needs creative ways that help people to understand each other and communicate easily. Language and culture are the main items to make this world as one city where everyone can live and be involved in various activities that allow being a part of global city. Also, teaching and learning a language cannot be without culture because they complete each other and they lead to clear and great involvement. Moreover, being aware about other cultures is an interesting way to go through world city with different languages and accepts. It is not an easy way to divide language and culture in two different parts. They are the outcomes of human interactions and life style. Language is the action of the culture where people can use to convey their ideas, thoughts, morals and social life. Besides that, culture is the tool and method of presenting and translating a language. Intercultural communication and the dialogue of civilizations is the successful goal that need to be supported from all and work on to break the cultural gaps and build up new connections for the coming generations to have peaceful environment for minds and souls.