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Paradigm Architectural Education for the IR 4.0 Era

Through the last century, three different technical advances namely steam-powered mechanical manufacturing, electricity-powered mass production, and electronics created what is known as the industrial revolutions. Through the last decade, many new technological advances created what is started to be known as the fourth industrial revolution or IR4. This revolution affected all the industry sectors. Education organizations who are responsible for educating and preparing the young workers to join the workforce should adopt these new systems and technologies in the education process. This paper investigates the opportunities and challenges facing both the construction industry and teaching systems. Moreover, it put some highlights on the available technologies and how they can impact the construction industry and the required skills for the new Jobs that is going to be needed. Finally, the paper concludes with a framework to be adopted by the architectural teaching organizations to be able to benefit from the ongoing transformation in the construction and design industry. Keywords - IR 4.0, Construction Industry, Architectural Education