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Modelling Approaches to Evaluate the Impact of RFID Technology on the Bullwhip Effect with Respect to Inventory Inaccuracy

The RFID technology is a key enabling technology for Smart Manufacturing and Smart Supply Chains. Production planning and control approaches benefit from RFID adoption in synchronization and information transparency which also brings reduction of the bullwhip effect. Inventory inaccuracy has detrimental effects on supply chain performance. Yet inventory inaccuracy also impacts the bullwhip effect. This paper presents a literature review of recently introduced methodologies which focus on evaluating the impact of inventory inaccuracy on the bullwhip effect, in the presence or not of RFID in the supply chain. Additionally, the paper suggests future research directions and perspectives. CCS Concepts Applied computing~Supply chain management • Computing methodologies~Systems theory • Social and professional topics~Computer manufacturing Keywords - Inventory inaccuracy, bullwhip Effect, RFID, supply chain performance, modeling and simulation.