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Investigating the Factors of Formation of Violence against Women in Ilam

Women commit less crimes and are less victimized than men. Nonetheless, statistics on women’s damages in certain crimes and social harms (e.g. gender crimes, domestic violence, wife abuseand suicide) is still high in some cities of Iran. Among all, we can refer to attritional suicide, domestic violence and social isolation of women in Ilam. Due to their historical deprivations and inequalities in political, social and economic aspects, women are considered potential victims and suitable targets of crimesin most societies. Violence against women and its multiple examples are one of the victimization types and social problems, which have not only been neglected from legal perspectives but haveturned into a socially accepted issue (symbolic violence). Given the ever-increasing importance of scientific studies and attention to women’s victimization resulting from their specific gender features,and the necessity of improving the legal supports in recent years, this survey researchaimed at determining aspects of violence against women and its effective factors, and then, suggesting solutions and practical strategies to improve the status quo. A questionnaire was used to collect data, and the sample was selected through cluster sampling. The questionnaires were distributed by self-execution among different clusters of age, job, and race of women and girls inIlam. According to the Cochran formula, 383 individuals were selected as the sample. It was concluded that verbal (mental) and economic violence are the most prevalent forms of violence against women. Moreover, patriarchy and economic dependence were significantly correlated with violence against women. Keywords - Attritional Suicide, Domestic Violence, Economic Dependence, Gender Crimes,Patriarchy, Symbolic Violence, Women’s Victimization.