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The Relationship between Technology, Environment and Firm Performance through ERP Implementation

The goal of this research was to study on ERP implementation were related to firm performance on the technology and environment. The attitude rating on technology and environment were used as an independent variable whereas the ERP implementation was a mediator variable. The research sample was collected from 285 firms as the medium and large manufacturing industry in Thailand. The data collected for this research was analyzed by using the SEM method to determine the validity and reliability of the model and assess its overall fit. The result confirmed that the goodness of fit and regression weight had significantly which supported technology and environment havea direct effect on ERP implementation and ERP implementation has a direct effect on firm performance. These indicate that the firm should management technology and study environment to ERP implementation and bring it to use for the benefits of the business. It will affect to firm performance respectively. Keywords - Technology, Environment, ERP Implementation, Firm Performance