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Flowers in the Fog: A Language Illustration of the Possibility in English Translation from Chinese Poetry

The purpose of translation is usually to present what the source text presents with an equal degree of clarity, however, the layers of mist that arises from different cultural mode usually different from another, particularly from the eyes of the reader in English to Chinese.This paper would try to tackle this arduous problem,integrateboth practical and romantic language, in a way to illustrate the possibility that Sino-English language does not contravene but compliments their linguistic difference. The author will select a series of masterpieces, in a translated and comparative version, rather than in translation theory statement, to illustrate what reader can read that cannot be read, hear that cannot be heard, see that cannot be seen, with the objective to enhancement of the writers’ language expression. Keywords - Illustration, Translation, Chinese, English, Flowers in the Fog, Enhancement