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Speakıng Diffıcultıes among Turkish Students in Learnıng the English Language

One of the four major language skills, speaking is regarded as the most crucial and centralone as it enables the learner to establish successful communication in that language, which is often the main aim of learning any foreign language. That is why it forms the focus of attention in any foreign/second language teaching and learning as failure to master this crucial language skill leads to the failure to establish successful communication. However, mastering this language skill does not go so easily with the Turkish students. Consequently, they encounter various difficulties while speaking in English. These speaking difficulties of the Turkishlearners, encountered in learning the English language is the subject of investigation in this paper. It is deemed to present work able solutions to the problem and a new direction in the language learning and teaching process. Keywords: Speakıng Dıffıcultıes, CommunicativeCompetence, English , Effects