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Innovative Pedagogical Model to Transform Multi-disciplinary Faculty Teaching and Learning

The Teaching Academy for Professors (TAP) was first conceptualized in 2015 to improve faculty teaching and student learning. This case study was conducted in Spring Semester of 2019 at a diverse public university in California to improve pedagogy among eight multidisciplinary faculty members. The initial results indicated that after meeting six times in a three-hour seminar with a five-hour kick-off meeting, average knowledge and use of student-centered pedagogical methods increased 73.4% and 53.7% from pre- to post-assessment respectively. Moreover, there was transformation in the participants’ thinking about their own thinking, different teaching methods to teach different learners, and community of colleagues to observe one another’s teaching. Keywords - Innovative Pedagogy, Multidisciplinary Faculty Learning, Student-Centered Pedagogy, Teaching Diverse Learners.