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Multicultural Learning Resources in the Area of Wachira Subdistrict

The research entitled “Multicultural Learning Resources in the area of WachiraSubdistrict” aims to study the history of 3 communities which are 1. WatRacha community 2. Ban Yuan Samsen community and 3. RajaphaTubtim Community.The information is collected from documents and hearing from people in the community about the history and identity of the community in the mentioned areas as a source of learning history and culture. This study uses a qualitative research model that focuses on document studies, observation with the theory of area and community concepts as a research framework. Research shows that Community development in the area of VachiraSubdistrict, Dusit District, Bangkok has a continual history and culture since the early Rattanakosin period. There are ethnic settlement areas divided and religion as the main pole as well as the identity of the community, with religious places as a way of life. The development of community has created different identities including: The community of WatRacha is a community with southern culture famous for food and traditions in the southern region due to its proximity to Rachathiwat Temple. Ban Yuan Samsen community is a Roman Catholic community, which has a long way of living closely with the Christian faith. The Rajapatuptim community is a community of both Hainan sailors and their descendants living together,with an important identity,“Choa Mae ThapTim Shrine” ; a community center that still has a significant tradition of Hainanese people with a long and continuous way of life in Bangkok. Keywords – Wachira Subdistrict, WatRacha community, Ban Yuan Samsen Community, RajaphaTubtim Community