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Factors Affecting The Demarketing Of Water Consumption In The Gaza Strip, Palestine

Although many environmental research tackled the water consumption metering worldwide, the studies concerning Gaza Strip is rare according the best knowledge of the researcher, and ��the demarketing of water consumption" is a little-known concept. This empirical studytackled the origin and definition of demarketing, examined the different factors affecting the demarketing ofwater consumptionin the Gaza Strip, Palestine, and developed an appropriatemodel for the demarketing of water consumption.An empirical study was conducted to collect the primary data using a questionnaire as atool in order to test the hypotheses. The questionnaire was distributed to 400 users who were randomly selected from the population.The findings proved that there is a relationship between independent variables (i.e., product, price, place, and promotion) and the dependent variable (i.e., demarketing of water consumption) based on several reasons discussed thoroughly in this article.The article subsequently concluded with recommendationsfor areas of further academic research, for policy makers in Palestine, and for thePalestinian users themselves. Keywords- Demarketing, water consumption, and Palestine.