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Promoting Childhood Survival, Growth And, Psycho-Social Development Through A Holistic And Integrated Care And Development Plan Among Poor Rural Communities In Uganda

This paper is a presentation of a community led holistic integrated community approach designed and implemented as a partnership of various stakeholders with the aim of promoting child survival, growth and development and wellbeing of the general community. Inadequacies related to access to basic social services: Food, Health, Education, Water and Sanitation, remain a central question regarding improvements in the quality of life and promotion of rights of children in poor rural communities in Uganda. A participatory approach that builds on local knowledge, experience and innovations stimulates the creativity of all involved, resulting in improvements in different aspects of life of children and the general community. Survival, growth and psycho-social and cognitive developments are highly inter-inked processes occurring simultaneously and affecting each other. The paper shows that a holistic and integrated childhood care and development program is what is needed to support these processes. However, there are constraints that need to be addressed and pit falls to be avoided. Index Terms- integrated approach; Child survival, growth and development; care and support; partnership; sustainability.