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The Impact of Blended Learning with Moodle as a Learning Management System on Academic Performance of Developmental Psychology Students at The Maldives National University

Sanctioning new generations with technology by using blended learning approach of instruction has been recently investigated by many researchers in various contexts. This research was aimed at examining the impact of the blended learning approach of instruction on developmental psychology students’ academic performance. To achieve the objectives of the study, participants were chosen from both blended and traditional learning groups. Among the 50 students in the sample, those in the blended learning group (n=25) were using Moodle while those in the traditional learning group (n=25) were using conventional methods of learning. The study was conducted for 2 consecutive semesters in the academic year 2018. Semester final examination results and a survey questionnaire were used as the data collection instruments. The paired sample t test results showed that there is no significant difference in students’ achievement whether using traditional learning method or blended teaching method. The Spearman Rho Correlation analysis showed that the relationship between content materials and student engagement is significant which is (r = 0.638, ρ = 0.00, ρ < 0.05) with medium relationship rate. The Analysis of the Friedman Test result for the third question showed that overall all the items uploaded on Moodle draw students’ interest to study. Items that gain highest mean rank value are YouTube and Website links. Keywords - Blended Learning, Learning Management System, Academic Performance, Moodle, Developmental Psychology