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New Trends and Changes in Education

Mankind is currently experiencing one of the serious crises, whose symptoms can be characterized by various attributes, such as post-factual time, migration crisis, confidence in public policy and democracy, information explosion, etc. Part of the process is the emphasis on economic growth, profit growth, consumption growth, preference for technical education, education appropriate to the needs of the labour market and directly supporting the economic growth of the countryside and the consumption of its inhabitants as a driver of growth.On the other hand, the type of university education in humanities and social sciences at all are becoming more and more at the edge of the interest of society and its governments. Questions about their usefulness to society, how much they contribute to meeting the needs for further development, or the extent to which they can respond to current questions and the needs of time, are asked to contribute to their solution. I believe that the humanities should play a very important role also through a better understanding of human behaviour, what is considered a necessary prerequisite for closer understanding of nations. This enables better collaboration between humanities, as it also forms part of the shared responsibility for successfully addressing the issues and challenges of human development as part of the plurality of world cultures today. Keywords - Education, Foreign Languages, Society, E-Learning, Humanization.