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Nomophobia as a Psychological Disorder of the Modern Age: Effects on Organizational Commitment

Considering the fact that nomophobia has become very widespread across the world, and the importance of the effects of anxiety and fear on individuals' attitudes and behaviors, this study examined the influences of nomophobia on organizational commitment feelings of employees. To test its hypotheses developed based on attentional control theory, the study used the data collected from 398 teachers employed in public and private schools. The results indicate that nomophobia negatively influenced organizational commitment feelings of employees. The findings are considered to be useful in increasing awareness of researchers in the field of organizational behavior on nomophobia, a psychological disorder of the modern age. In practical terms, we suggest that organizations should provide the psychological and social support needed by nomophobic employees, and review their organizational policies, practices and discourses for stimuli that may trigger nomophobia-based anxiety and fears of such employees. Keywords - Nomophobia, Organizational Commitment, Mobile /Smart Phones, Anxiety, Attentional Control Theory