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Production Improvement For Cost Reduction In Hard Disk Drive Industry By Value Engineering Technique

This research ispurposed to reduce the cost in hard drives manufacturing in spindle sleeve hard drive washing process by value engineering technique. The value engineering technique consists of seven steps: General Phase, Information Phase, Function Phase, Creation Phase, Evaluation Phase, Investigation Phase, and Recommendation Phase. The technique deployed to analyze functions of each part. Then, conduct a workshop to brainstorm for the best solution to reduce the production cost under restrictions that occur in the manufacturing process, the hard disk. The research can improve the process to reduce the production cost by 319,839 Baht per year or 33.32 percentages and working time for a container 50 units size decreased in 38.10 second per tray or 55.95 percentages. Index Terms´┐ŻHard Disk Drive, Spindle Sleeve, Production Improvement, cost reduction, and Value Engineering.