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Convergence, Integration and Igniting Innovation in Sciences, Engineering, Technology and Beyond: Benchmarks with Robotic Hand and Infectious Diseases

Some of the fastest growing tech fields are Big Data, Software Defined Networking, Biomedical Engineering. In biomedical revolutions, the third revolution is the Convergence and Integration of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering (LSPSE) and Beyond. Further focus is on the Integration of the Humanities and Arts with LSPSE in Higher Education: Branches from the Same Tree culminating Collaborations of Consequence: NAKFI’s* 15 Years Igniting Innovation at the Intersections of Disciplines. Convergence is a new paradigm that can yield critical advances in a broad array of sectors, from health care to energy, food, climate, and water. The presentation focusses on the theme of Convergence, Integration and Igniting Innovation (CIII) with illustrations on robotic/prosthetic hand and infectious diseases and is based on Professor Naidu’s recent research experiences and in particular on his TED Talk (2016) on 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand for the World and his research book (2017 IEEE Press –Wiley), titled, “Fusion of Hard and Soft Control Strategies for a Robotic Hand”. *NAKFI: National Academies (of Science, Engineering & Medicine) Keck (W. M. Keck Foundation) Futures Initiative Keywords - Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Control Systems, Time Scales, Robotic Hand, Infectious Diseases.