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The Relationship Between ISO 14001 and the Indonesian Green Industry Award : A Delphi Study

The government's efforts in campaigning for the Green Industry through the Green Industry Award (PIH) are utilized by manufacturing companies to increase competitiveness in Indonesia. This is important to continue to be socialized because since 2010 until now it is still participatory. Most PIH participating companies use ISO 14001 as the standard required by their partners to support environmental performance. Both are important for companies to deal with environmental problems. ISO 14001 certified companies will be pressured to develop their environmental performance systems in measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of programs related to environmental management. PIH can be used to measure environmental performance. The relationship between ISO 14001 and the PIH Award is explored in this study in the context of controlling the use of raw materials and energy, managing production processes and waste, as well as company management. The Delphi technique is used in this study. The results of this study indicate that the integration of ISO 14001 with the Green Industry Award can be used by companies in the preparation of integrated environmental management systems. This is based on the results of research showing that there are several ISO 14001 clauses relating to all criteria of the PIH assessment aspects. Keywords - Green industry, Green Industry Award (PIH), ISO 14001, Environmental Performance, Environmental Management System.