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Configurable Business Processes in Enterprise Resource Planning (CBP-ERP) Systems “A Case Study on Open Source ERP (Adempiere)”

Satisfactory determination of configurable business process modules in ERP systems has been a serious issue to matchup with the standard operating procedures (SOP) of most Business Organizations, Manufacturing Industries and Public Institutions in the world. This issue continues to reoccur based on the variations within the business environments and the method of executing business transactions. Over the years, it has been a tricky decision making process for CEOs of companies or project managers to choose the most appropriate ERP system to meet with their current business processes and ICT Demands. In the sense that whenever changes are needed in their processes, the System Admins should be able to reconfigure the system without losing much of their business time. Configurable Business Process adoption is one of the biggest challenge from a wide range of ERP systems with which various business process models are faced. The challenges are so because enterprises need to ensure that the requirements and aspirations of their business partners, system users and customers are met. Therefore, this might further be considered as one of the main determinants and success factor for future Business Institutions, Manufacturing Industries and Public Institutions and Projects in the near future. This research figure out methods to develop Configurable Business Processes that predict reasonable techniques to enhance the operations of business companies and projects. These methods are based on a case study on Open Source ERP (Adempiere) to manage configurable changes within a wide variety of Business processes, Manufacturing supply chain procedures and process modelling for Public / private Institutions. The proposed techniques intend to combine integrated business processes and practices using ProM to analyze or reanalyzed the business process model and ERP software to modify the workflow and the business process reporting system to meet with the desired business objectives. This proposed method has a three track approach to ensure successful business process and ERP system adoption. Approach (1) this deal with the identification of the existing business processes and workflow. Approach (2) Define a new or modify the existing business processes and agree on acceptable best practices. Approach (3) Deal with the configuration of the agreed business process and workflow to match the desired model for the required feature modifications. Within this research, the identification of existing business processes and the shifting of the business process and workflow for system adoption or match-up with the intended business process desires will help CEOs or project managers and institutional heads with systems that will depict business growth and help meet their business goals. Keywords - Configurable Business Process, Open source ERP, Workflow and System Adoption.