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Effect of using Different Levels of Corn Gluten on Some Production of Turkey

In this study, the use of corn gluten in the bronzeturkey. The experiments were conducted in the poultry field of the Department of Animal Production / College of Agriculture / Tikrit University for the period 17/12/2017 and until 11/3/2017. The tests were as follows: The aim of the experiment was to study the effect of adding different levelsof corn gluten of production performance of the turkey. It was used 72 bronze turkeys was not naturalized at the age of 4 weeks and the birds were randomly distributed to the treatments were aged 4 weeks and the birds were randomly assigned to the treatments. The experiment included four treatments, three replicates of treatment and 6 birds per replicate. The first treatment (T1) was the treatment without any additive, the second treatment (T2) is the addition treatment 5% maize gluten, the treatment (T3) (additive 10%) and the treatment, the treatment (T4) the addition treatment of 15% of maize gluten. The fodder was presented in an abstract form, lighting and water, according to the guide of breeding and management of the bronze turkeys. The results reached the following the effect of gluten of corn on the live weight The results of the statistical analysis showed that the mean live weight was significantly lower for the treatments in which 15% was used except at age 56 days, while the rest of the treatment was significantly higher in most ages or no significant differences between the treatment and control T1.And in terms of the increase in weight when the use of gluten of corn inturkey diets the results of the use of gluten of corn showed no significant increase of T1 treatment on any treatment and for all periods except for the significant decrease in periods 57-70, 85-98, 99-112 and 29-112 days of treatment. It can be concluded that 10% corn gluten can be used in turkeydiets that increase body weight. Keywords - Corn gluten, Production Performance,turkey.