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Integration of Permaculture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – A Gospelto Agricultureand Medicine

As Traditional Chinese Medicine is gaining wider acceptance around the world and the World Health Organization has integrated it into mainstream global health care in 2018, the demand of Chinese herbal products in global market is increasing. However, due to skyrocketing export market, the practices of intensive agriculture, such as use of pesticide, have been adopted when cultivating Chinese herbs to increase production and repel hazardous insects. These practices pose a threat to public health. To develop sustainable, or even regenerative agriculture, the concept of permaculture was advocated in 1980s. To actualize the principles of permaculture, practices like eradicating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by using organic techniques are adopted, obtaining a yield and protect humans’ lives simultaneously. After literature review and site visit in Australia, it is discovered that the practices of permaculture can be incorporated into the modern cultivation measures of TCM herbs for improving the quality of herbs, restoring global confidence towards Chinese herbal products. This action can help tackle the issues of public health, making medical system more sustainable. Keywords - Permaculture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Herbal Products, Pesticide Residues