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A Model for Local Community Management and Participation in Natural Resource and Environmental Management for Ranong Province

This study presents a model for community management and local participation in natural resource and environmental management taken from Ranong Province in Thailand. The objective is to study the concept of community rights and create a model for local participation and the use of natural resources that is balanced and sustainable. The study uses qualitative research consisting of a review of case studies and documentary research. The objectives and results of each study were compiled and analyzed together with data from official documents, related articles, and related research. The study also uses in-depth interviews with key informants, including government officials, local government organization leaders, and formal and informal community leaders, including community members. The study determined that people in the community have participated in the management of natural and local resources in Ranong Province. Local leaders have coordinated to involve people from the community in processes such as water resource management, forest resource management, and marine resource management. People from local communities are willing to help in the maintenance of local resources because they are considered part of the income for the community and the province, and it is considered important to preserve resources for future generations. In addition, the the overall economic impact of the province and local community has increased, and a large part of this is income from agricultural tourism and ecotourism, which have increased income in both the trade and agriculture sectors. Keywords - Community Rights, Environment, Natural Resources, Participation