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Destitution of the Disadvantaged: Evidence on the Feminization of Poverty in Pakistan

This paper deals with the conceptual and methodological problems associated with the feminization of poverty and the trends over the last 20 years in key areas such as education, health, economics, and political participation. It explains the true meaning of the feminization of poverty and the evolution of its meaning. It paints a picture of the situation by numbers and qualitative analysis upon them, enlists the factors for the feminization of poverty and their root causes. It explores the types of social security challenges posed by men at the micro, meso and macro level and the degree to which social protection services are effective. It also assesses how far elements of gender have been implemented during the country's development, implementation and assessment of state policies and programs. It provides workable solutions to growing the country's injustice and inequality. Keywords - Feminization of Poverty, Gender Discrimination, Social Protection for Women, Microcredit Interventions, Education, Healthcare, Girl-child Discrimination, Patriarchy, Violence, Sexuality, Measurement of Poverty.