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Study of Alignment Between Potential and Leading Sectors in Sambas, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

The development of an area is inseparable from the role of resources, both natural resources and human resources. Both of these resources are very important in determining the success of regional development. Sambas Regency, which is one of the Regencies in West Kalimantan Province, in its development process is inseparable from national development but is highly adapted to the potential and problems that exist in the region. This is due to differences in conditions, needs and potential problems that are owned by each region. If a region can manage the leading sector and its economic potential, then it will quickly have an impact on the quality of Human Resources and Economic Growth is very high. The results of the analysis of leading sectors using the Location Quotient (LQ) measuring instrument that Sambas has the top 3 leading sectors, namely Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Large and Retail Trade, Processing Industry. The challenge is the management of regional natural resource potential that is influenced by factors in the development of human resources, infrastructure, investment and business capital that are oriented towards regional potential growth. The study recommends that local governments need to establish regional spending policies in investment in education-oriented to building the productivity of potential local natural resources, among others, Manufacturing, Mining and Excavation, and Tourism. Keywords - Leading Sectors, Potential Sectors, Local Development, Location Quotient.