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Examining the Relationships Between Employee Perceptions of Management's Commitment to Safety and the Safe Behaviour of Employees: A Study in Turkey

Behaviours of employees play an important role in the emergence of work accidents. Employees' safety behaviours are influenced by organizational and cultural factors. However, in occupational safety literature employee perceptions of management’s commitment to safety in relation to safety behaviour has rarely been examined. In this study, the relationship between the employee perceptions of management's commitment to safetyand the safety behaviour was examined with structural equation model. The study sample consisted of 619 employees from a company in the manufacturing sector in Turkey. The results suggest that employees 'perceptions of employees' commitment to management positively affect self-reported safety behaviour, such as safety compliance and safety participation. According to results, employee perceptions of management’s commitment to safety have an important key role to safety behaviour in workplace. Keywords - Safety behaviours, management's commitment to safety, work accidents