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Multiculturalism Discussions between Libertarian and Communitarian Tension

Multiculturalism, which expresses the search for the recognition of different identities within a society and the coexistence of differences on the basis of a certain consensus, includes different approaches within itself as an identity or recognition policy. The differentiation in question is based on the basis of and how the recognition will take place, and the discussion is mainly based on the views of the libertarian and communitarian thinkers. In this discussion, the libertarians argue that identity-based differences should be individual-centered in order to eliminate the possible pressure on members of a community, while the communitarians who prioritize society should be group- or community-based. This study aims to analyze the main criticisms of communitarians against liberals in a tense field of political philosophy, and their responses to these criticisms through identity, recognition and multiculturalism. Keywords - Libertarism, Commutarism, Multiculturalism