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The Tendenct of Arab-Israeli Parents to Resort to Violence in Order to Achieve Obedience from their Teenage Children

This study examines the relationship between several socio-economic and gender (of the parent as well as of the teenage child) variables of Arab-Israeli families and their effect on resorting to the use of violence and adopting the conflict management style of forcing, where teenage children are expected to obey their parents without questioning. The findings of the correlation and the regression indicate that less educated parents are more prone to use violence against their children. More educated parents, although less prone to use violence, they manage to achieve obedience without questioning from their teenage children. Moreover, parents in general are more prone to use violence against their girls than their boys. Finally, the variable of family size runs counter to the use of violence within the family, where a higher number children in the family leads to less use of violence by the parent(s). Keywords - Arab-Israeli parents, Use of violence, Size of the family, Obedience, Forcing, Inter-generational gap.