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Conservative and Innovative Isolects of Minangkabau Language at X Koto Singkarak Sub-District: Dialectological Studies

Conservative and innovative isolects are parts of dialectological studies. It helps to define isolect which still retains protolanguage and has changes. The research of isolects of Minangkabau language is located in X Koto Singkarak subdistrict, Solok district, the province of West Sumatera. It aims to describe the conservative and innovative isolects from four research sites(RS). Data were taken from twelve native speakers of Minangkabau language. There were several categories to collect the informen such as age, education, and articulatory condition. The instruments are a list of vocabulary considering many aspects of life, pictures, and smartphone. Data were collected using recording, reffering, and interviewing techniques. Analyzing data is done qualitatively by using identity method. Topdown approach is further used to notice retention and innovation forms. The finding of this research states that the village of Singkarak has conservative isolect compare to another three research sites. It is proved by the finding of 82% data had retention and 12% innovation while the rest of research sites were having lower percentages. Keywords - Conservative, Innovative, Isolect, Minangkabau Language