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E-Learning and Learning Management Systems: Advantages, Disadvantages and Suggestions

With the developing technology, different e-learning concept has entered into our lives. This new education model, which is very different from traditional education administration, has been adopted by the education community and learners. Thanks to this model that provides internet-based training, it is possible to receive or give training without the concept of time and space. However, when the issue is a critical area such as education, this new method needs to be discussed and analyzed. First of all, the concept of e-learning and learning management systems in the infrastructure of this new education model should be understood in detail. Determining the software modules that LMSs consisting of internet-based software is a guide in this study. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of this new education model were evaluated and presented item by item. At the end of the study, suggestions were given to the individuals or institutions who were educated with e-learning model or developed LMS software. Keywords- Education, E-learning, Learning Management Systems .