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Criminal Police Officers Attitudes Towards The Role of Teaching and Education in Police Activities

The educational achievement related problems are often met at the law enforcement educational institutions. The present research is the first step of the project that aims at studying the specific characters of teaching adults at the law enforcement educational institutions and setting up the teaching style to improve educational goal achievement of criminal police officers. In the first step of the project, the attitudes of criminal police officers about teaching and the role of education in police practice have been defined, which gives opportunity to choose a relevant educational method. Four semi-structured groups have been interviewed (nine persons per group). The participants have 0-20 years of work experience. The data analysis shows that the participants have the positive attitudes toward education. The criminal police officers underline the need of education that is oriented on police practice and professional problem solving. The participants suggest that educational programs must include more information about specifics of profession and work at police. According to the research findings, the attitudes of criminal police officers corresponding to the problem-oriented educational styles’ theoretical concepts have been shown. On the next stage of project, there will be researched whether the use of problem-oriented educational methods improve the educational achievements of police officers. Keywords - Educational Psychology; Criminal Police Education; Teaching Styles; Academic Achievement