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GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques to Estimate the Suitable Places for Farm Ponds on Agriculture in Tambon Pa Po, Thailand

Tambon Pa Po is one sub district located on agriculture in rural area where farmers need water ponds developing in recent years. The objective of this study is to estimate and identify the suitable places for farm ponds on agriculture in Tambon Pa Po and give guidelines suitable places for farm ponds construction particular in drought area as where the problem of water and farmers have no enough water to use for agriculture and consuming purpose, preparing to keep water in ponds for agriculture or farm of farmers before rainy season coming is necessary. This study used structure of suitable areas and considered for a new place for pond by geospatial information using GIS and Remote sensing techniques. This useful technology as an instrument set to indicate suitable places for pond construction. Analysis used the thematic maps such as slope map, elevation map soil map, Land use map to identify the sites for ponds by assigning the weights to point feature in Tambon Pa Po, then calculating the suitability places for ponds is identified and indicated areas with MNDWI2 index water in diļ¬€erent levels of suitability places for ponds with having potential area and available for the development of pond on farming area. The results of studying integrated map of water area form MNDWI2 and identified potential areas in water storage that showed 2.57% of suitable area is highly suitable for ponds, 0.11% of the area is suitable and 17.8% of the area is moderate, 36.53% of the area is low suitable and 36.53% is unsuitable. That result, of the study presented the estimate for pond suitable places also integrated map of water information area form MNDWI2 is used to guide storage of water for farm pond on agriculture landscape that led to better change in the selection of ponds for the farmer, MNDWI2 index integrated the suitable location for farm ponds would be used for pond construction and irrigation development. Keywords - Farm Pond, Agriculture, Spatial Analysis, Suitable Places, MNDWI 2 .