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Stereotyping as Socio-Psychological Phenomena (Case of Chinese Culture Groups)

In today’s globalizing world, the age old problem of stereotypes has taken on a new dimension, and presents a new challenge to social sciences, especially in Chinese societies. Due to China’s economy boost and opening to the world, Chinese culture groups face new challenges and problems that need to be noticed. Chinese membership groups are being stereotyped rather more often than any other ones and those stereotypes are commonly referred to the negative judgments. These negative stereotypes can affect intercultural communication on socio-psychological level, can be harmful and bring negative outcomes, like stereotype threat, discrimination, racism or even hatred.This paper outlines the process of stereotyping as socio-psychological phenomena, bringing to the case the negative stereotypes towards Chinese culture groups and proposesthenew ways of minimization the effects of it. Keywords - Social science, Social-Psychology, International Communication, Stereotyping, Chinese Culture Groups