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Imperative of Curbing Same Sex Marriage in Nigeria Society: The Islamic Approach

This paper intends to address the complications of homosexuality and the necessity of its eradication in Nigerian society. Islam frowns at any act that can unduly effect a detrimental change to human nature, as can be inferred in (Q.30:30). It therefore kicks against same gender marriage encompassing gay marriage and lesbianism because the two types of marriage involve homosexuality that is considered not only offensive Islamically, but presumed to be harmful to the human nature. In the same vein, Islam as a code of life for Muslims, is a religion that sets out to prevent mankind from falling into degradation by curbing many excesses inherent in their day to day practices, through carefully laid down of dos and don’ts that encompasses all aspects of Muslim life from cradle to grave. This is necessary, because it has been observed that ethical standard of living in some parts of Nigeria society is seemingly losing civility and decorum. Therefore, the individual lusts; if given free reign will eventually lead to societal or communal problems. One of such unbridled lust is the scourge of homosexuality that sets out to destroy the basic foundation of human existence by obliterating transgender sexual relation that serves to ensure continuity of human existence naturally and to stop the spread of sexually transmitted disease which can further hasten the extermination of mankind. The method adopted in writing this article is basically secondary owing to the fact that the ultimate objective is eradication of sodomy in Nigerian society. The paper recommends strict adherence to Islamic rulings to wipe away all sorts of abominable acts same gender sex inclusive. Keywords - Same Gender Marriage, Homosexuality Civility, Decorum.