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Socialization and Domestic Violence Against Women in the Iranian City of Khorram Abad in 2018

Domestic violence against women is influenced by various sociological factors. Awareness of such factors provides a better clarification of the phenomenon. Socialization is one of the categories that may have considerable effect on domestic violence. The questionnaire involved such three major parts as several questions on respondents' socio-economic characteristics, items relating to domestic violence scale, and items regarding socialization. The questionnaire validity was confirmed by face and structure validity methods (confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)). To determine its reliability, Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used, being 0.92 for domestic violence and 0.68 for socialization. Its statistical population, that is, 57700 individuals, included all the married women under the protection of twelve urban health and treatment centers in Khorram Abad. The sample size was determined as 384 individuals by means of Cochran's formula. According to the results obtained from statistical tests, all the hypotheses were confirmed, and it was evident that there is a negative inverse relationship between the dependent variable of domestic violence and the independent variable of socialization. Keywords - Women's Socialization • Domestic Violence Against Women • Family Socialization • Societal Socialization