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Prominence of Amazon Managed BlockChain and Amazon Artificial Intelligence Services in the Banking Industry

The traditional services in the banking industry face a lot of issues in the risk, accounts, transactions, audit and tax services by the bank employees. There should be a lot of enhancement in the banking services which should be made pretty handy to the customers. These days, there are a lot of cyber-attacks because of the centralised banking networks. All centralised networks store confidential information of the individual and a group of users of an organisation or a company. If the attacker hacks the centralised network, all the confidential information will be hacked or destroyed. There is no proper track for therisk, accounts, audit tax transactions or accounts of an organisation in the banks as all the transactions or accounts are recorded individually through a manual or automatic technique. In this paper, blockchain technology is introduced for the banking applications and services that form a decentralised network, managed by the Artificial Intelligence technique for the proper track of banking services. Both the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence services have got a lot of prominent use cases and developing the AI Blockchain technique would be much useful for the banking industry. Keywords - Amazon Personalize, Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), IAM (Identity and Access Management).