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Students� Perception On Independent Learning And Possible Impact On The Students� Performance At Pre � University

Independent learning is always refers as �student centred learning� that has been one of the major approach explored by many universities as a means of improving educational outcomes. Independent learning is also one of the essential elements of �personalised learning� and as vital tool that promotes high quality and lifelong learning. It is not solely about students working alone to complete their task but educators is also playing an important role by designing classroom activities to support independent learning. This teaching and learning style benefited students in many ways such as take responsibility for their own learning, understanding of their learning, being motivated to learn and collaborating with teachers to structure their learning environment. This study examines on how students perceive independent learning concept and its possible impact on the students� performance at the Pre-University level. A questionnaire survey was carried out on 100 Foundation Year students aged 17 to 20 years old. The results of the analysis have revealed that majority, 85.7% of the Foundation students have positive perception on independent learning concept. By using SPSS analysis, the study confirmed that the independent learning had significant impact on students� academic performance. The surveyed questionnaires were also further analysed with factor analysis method to obtain required information. The findings revealed that, respondents agreed that the 6 independent learning attributes has yields with alpha coefficients ranged from 0.887 to 0.926 with 33 variables being measured. Among the important factors that contribute towards students� independent learning perception are coping strategies, non-book and internet, books, study skills, monitoring their learning and self-management. Majority students agreed that the students� performance at Pre � University is positively contributed based on their independent learning skill and practice. Thus, this study provides a valuable insight to recommend some avenue for future study in understanding the overall student perception and performance subject to independent learning and practice. Keywords - Independent learning, Perception, Performance Impact, Pre-University.