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Future Aspects of Critical Thinking and AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is vast area of computer science which emphasizes the generation of the intelligent machines which can react and operate like the human beings. Some of the operation that are operated by the artificial intelligent systems are such as decision making, problem solving, designing, learning, analyzing and speech recognition. Artificial Intelligence is the technology and science which is based on the computer science, Engineering, Linguistics, Biology, Mathematics, Psychology and even Arts. Some applications of AI are Expert Systems, vision systems, natural language processing and so on. It is the term usually used to referred to the ability to apply and acquire various knowledge and skills for solving a provided issue. The intelligence of the system is integrated using various cognitive function like perception, planning, memory, attention and language which is mainly the critical thinking skills. In these recent days the AI has the ability to imitate the human intelligence which are performing various operations which needs special ability of learning and thinking. The most progressing application of AI nowadays is the robotic and machines that has some high-performance capabilities. The recent attention towards showcasing the AI in robotic is increased and dependency on the human alternatively increases. The technology highly relies on the human characteristics(Brighton, 2015). The outputs or the results generated from the intelligent system simply depends on the programmed codes and other characteristics of the human, since AI enrich the critical thinking skills by the factor that it causes a complexity of data which leads to the development of the cognitive skills. Thus, the impact of AI is increasing day by day on the society and the critical thinking factor also helps the AI to develop in this rapid way. The key areas of the knowledge are developing day by day and with these developments the applications of the artificial Intelligence are also developing by acquiring all those knowledges. This particular research focuses on the future aspects of the artificial Intelligence and the importance of the critical thinking. The research basically describes and highlights the future applications of the artificial intelligence and also showcased some of the obstacles that can be faced by the artificial intelligence due to the critical thinking in future.